Garage Roller Shutters

All About Garage Roller Shutters
All About Garage Roller Shutters

Garage roller shutters are used around the globe for various purposes, including protecting your vehicle, storage units, shops, warehouses, etc. They are famous for their unique rolling operation and sound. They are an essential part of many businesses and provide several benefits. Before discussing some of the benefits of garage roller shutters, let’s try to learn as much as possible about them.

Roller Shutter Types

The two most common roller shutters sold in the United Kingdom, particularly for garages, are aluminium and stainless steel roller shutters. The aluminium typically used is double skinned while the steel is used in the form of a single skin continuous curtain. The steel roller shutter doors are highly suitable for serving the purpose of basic doors when security, noise reduction, and insulation are not of prime importance. These doors provide sufficient internal headroom above your lintel. They are usually spring-loaded and are ideal for a manual door. Larger sizes are generally fitted with electric motors for easy operations. The Aluminium roller doors are fabricated from several foam slats ( foam filled) and roll into a comparatively tighter roll, enhancing your garage height. Aluminium doors are generally quieter and often electrically operated to promote convenience. They provide much higher security, and high-quality ones will reduce sound and reach less to changes in temperature.

Don’t Buy Cheap

Roller doors or shutters may seem to be the same when it comes to visual appearance; however, the quality may vary from company to company, depending on the type and quality of the material. Although you may find low prices tempting, compromising on quality will not be wise.

Cheap quality doors are unreliable and will only last for a short time. Roller shutter doors have many moving parts, and the most frustrating issue people face is jammed parts. Look for companies who have been in this business for at least five years and offer you warranties for their products, including electric motors and control systems.

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Consider the Options

For electric-operated roller shutters, you should look for companies that provide at least two handheld transmitters for opening and closing the doors with a range of at least 20 metres. Ideally, they should be equipped with a rolling code technology. Smart operations with the help of your cell phone are now being offered by many manufacturers. This provides incredible ease of operation to users. Motorized roller shutters usually come with a wall-mounted control panel/box and a receiver unit. Some companies even offer adjustable timers, LED lights, and other add-ons. A manual override option can come in handy in case of power failure, allowing you to operate the roller shutter manually. Other options include vision slats for allowing natural light into your garage. This is usually done by introducing polycarbonate inserts within the roller shutter frame. For enhanced security, extra broad side guides can be used. Hood covers for enclosing the rolling mechanism are also available.

Which Colours Can You Get?

The aluminium roller shutters are usually available in 20 different shades, while steel doors are available in around 15 colours. The former are generally tough painted colours while the latter is plastisol coated.

Some companies even offer woodgrain effect finishing, such as mahogany, oak, rosewood, and many others. Good quality paints will last a lifetime and protect your roller shutters from corrosion; some are resistant to heat. Make sure to do your homework before you select the colour.

What Benefits Do Roller Shutters Provide?

Roller shutters can provide many benefits to commercial, residential and even industrial properties. These benefits may vary depending on the type of roller shutters and include security, visibility, insulation, aesthetics, and many more.

Secure Your Vehicle

The most common domestic use of roller shutters is to secure the garage. Although your garage may contain a lot more than just your car but a car is by far the most expensive thing in your garage. Garage roller shutters secure your vehicle by working as a highly visible deterrent. It also secures entry to your home in many ways. Homeowners often opt for motorized roller shutters to control them even when they are sitting inside their cars.

All About Garage Roller Shutters

Secure Your Store

Visit any market in the United Kingdom, and you will find that almost every shop owner has installed a roller shutter. They offer protection to your business from theft, arson, and weather. A sturdy roller shutter cannot be broken into easily and, as such, act as a deterrent for criminals who want to make quick money. Roller shutters also protect you from the effects of extreme weather. They can keep your store/garage warm during the winter and cool during the summer, which can help you reduce your energy cost.

Advertise Your Products

For some businesses, product visibility plays a very important role. Businesses such as jewellery stores, shoe stores, boutiques, etc., can greatly benefit from roller shutters which offer visibility while providing security. Even when the store is closed during break hours, product visibility can be provided by roller shutters. This is usually done by introducing polycarbonate inserts. As such, garage roller shutters will advertise your products free of cost.

Highly Customizable

Some businesses or garages may require a higher level of security, while others may prefer aesthetics. It all depends on the purpose. If you live in an area with high crime rates or you have your shop/store in such an area, security should be your priority. In short, the type of garage roller shutter you get should depend on the purpose you need it for. How do you know if a particular company is providing quality products? Like I said, get someone experienced and with a name in the market. Ask your neighbours, read reviews on the web, and identify the right manufacturer.

Maintaining Your Garage Door Rollers

Depending on the type of garage roller shutter you have, they will need little to average maintenance if you want them to have a long life span. Keeping your shutters clean, ensuring your motor is working properly, and getting it inspected by a professional periodically are all ways to protect your roller shutter from deteriorating. One of the most important aspects of maintaining roller shutters is taking care of the moving parts. As these parts move, they are more prone to wear & tear or getting jammed. Therefore, lubricating them periodically is a good idea and will enhance their life.

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Use the Right Lubricant

Our best advice to you for lubricating your garage roller shutters is never to use oil lubricants. These are degreasers, and while they are good for cleaning metal, they do not lubricate surfaces. Thick lubricants will also cause problems for you and attract dirt. Instead, you should use silicone or lithium-based greases, which are highly suitable for working with metals. Lithium-based grease is resistant to moisture. It is less reactive to temperature changes and ideal for moving parts.

Silicone lubricants are also one of the best choices for lubricating garage roller shutters. Look for “silicone spray.” Some of these cans have a nozzle that helps with accurate spraying. Use the nozzle to spray exactly where you should, and you don’t have to worry about missing the target or spraying too much. These sprays can come in handy for nooks & crannies. Moreover, you won’t get your hands covered in grease.

Silicone is also long-lasting and will keep your garage roller shutter lubricated for a long time. Just like lithium, it can withstand abrupt changes in weather and temperature, making it ideal for year-round application.

Please Note the Following Tips:

  • Steel Rollers: Lubricate the ball bearings.
  • Nylon Rollers( Exposed Bearings): Lubricate the exterior, i.e. where the rollers meet the shaft.
  • Nylon Rollers (Sealed Ball Bearings): Need no lubrication
  • Hinges: Lubricate the moving part.
  • Guide tracks: Use a damp cloth to clean the internal parts of the guide tracks. You can also use methylated spirit and Polish as much as you can to achieve a dirt-free and smooth surface.
  • Other parts: Lubricate arm bars, locks, bearing plates, etc.
  • DO NOT lubricate the springs yourself. They are under immense tension and can be extremely dangerous. Leave them to a professional.
  • Use lithium or silicone-based lubricants only.
  • Once in a while, get your garage roller shutter inspected by a professional.

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