Grill Shutters

Our Multipurpose Grill Shutters

We provide the installation of several elements to enhance your security, such as:

  • Roller Grill shutters
  • Shopfronts
  • Security doors
  • Flexi security grills
  • Installation of other related components for residential and commercial properties.

We also offer maintenance and repair services for your grill shutters at highly affordable rates. Grill shutters are multipurpose and can provide several benefits, including security, visibility, and ventilation. They can also improve the aesthetics of your business sites, such as stores. We can provide you with a new installation of bespoke grill shutters, which are made to measure according to your requirements and desires. We can repair or replace your existing shutters, so your property is never without security. Contact us to learn more about our services.

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Strong Grill Shutters for Protection

We provide grill shutters in galvanized steel or aluminium to protect your valuables. Grill shutters are sturdy and cannot be cut or damaged easily. They also act as an effective deterrent and prevent crimes from occurring. Various researches conducted by law enforcement agencies suggest that most thefts do not happen because of deterrents such as physical barriers and CCTV cameras. Troublemakers and thieves look for easy targets and will avoid any chance of getting caught. Cutting through grill shutters can take considerable time, which is why you have an effective barrier in the form of grill shutters. Contact us, and our expert fitters will provide you with highly durable and reliable roller shutter security grills for your shop or any property you want to secure.

Visibility and Marketing

Grill shutters have multiple benefits. Where they provide adequate protection, they also offer visibility which can work in many ways to improve your business. Many businesses rely on displaying their products to increase sales, for instance, shoes, jewellery, handbags, watches, etc. For these stores, grill shutters serve as a live advertisement without additional cost. Grill shutters are often installed in front of shop fronts, Stores and shops within shopping malls usually keep their shopfronts open and their grill shutters closed when they take a break from work. This enables them to keep displaying their products without interruption and attract more customers. Get your Roller Shutter Security Grilles installed today and improve your business activity without compromising security.

Grill Shutters Services

Made to Measure

Roller Grilles Shutters can be customized according to any shape and size. Our expert technicians can measure the area where you want to install them and provide you with a perfect fit. You can choose from several available designs or share your own with us. They can be designed in a pattern that matches your store. They can be painted in any colour you prefer and enhance the aesthetics of your shop. You can also install roller shutters outside your windows to protect your home or office. Window Shutter Grilles can protect your glass windows and prevent break-ins while providing clear visibility. You can let fresh air enter your home without compromising security.

Easy to Operate

Grill shutters run on rollers either vertically or horizontally. They are heavy, but rollers make their operation incredibly easy. The installation of rollers also eliminates the friction that conventional doors have to face, and therefore there is very little wear & tear. You can operate them manually with just one hand. We can also motorize them to make their operation even more convenient. An electric motor is added, and the entire system can be controlled with a switch or a remote controller. A Grill Roller can be installed to protect your store room or any sensitive place within your business site or home.

Create the Perfect Combination

Grill shutters are often installed with shopfronts. They protect the shopfront as well as your shop. Together shopfronts and grill shutters enhance the security of the premises and also make the exterior look better.

Emergency Repair/Replacement Services

Grill shutters are a long-lasting structure and do not get damaged easily. However, you may sometimes face issues like damaged grills, stuck-up shutters, damaged rollers, inoperational electric motors, etc. Our technicians are available to resolve any emergency issue which you are facing. Simply call us to get your grill shutters fixed/replaced.

Reasons to Hire Us

  • Top-quality raw materials such as aluminium and galvanized steel
  • We offer highly customized grill shutters to meet all your requirement
  • High-performance electric motors are installed to automate your grill shutters
  • Emergency repair services are available 24/7
  • Highly competitive pricing

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If you have any question feel free to contact us!